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SB 322 is in the Georgia Senate Rules Committee. This is a bi-partisan bill to make the budget understandable to voters.
Please contact Sen. Tommy Williams Email (404) 656-0089 and Sen. Don Balfour Email Ph. (404) 656-0095 and request they allow this bill to go to the floor for a vote. Help get a pro voter bill out for public debate. We can make a big difference on this issue.

This is the budget information we have to deal with currently if we want to understand where our money is being spent. Link to Budget Office:,2096,161890977_163065083,00.html


February 21,2012
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Georgia legislature now in session

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60 minute update on Agenda 21



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Romney blows off Ga GOP Primary Debate….

Contact the campaigns for Mitt Romney and Ron Paul, and ask them why they are refusing to take part in the CNN-Georgia Republican Party Debate held in conjunction with the Ohio GOP. After all the time and effort in planning this debate, it is a real snub to Georgia voters. Two states with a whole lot of delegates at stake, and we get out the vote!

Romney to Skip Georgia Debate?

2:32 pm February 16, 2012,

by Jamie Dupree

Washington Insider       

Officials in the Georgia Republican Party are putting out word this afternoon that Mitt Romney is not going to participate in a GOP debate set for March 1 in Atlanta.

The debate, sponsored by CNN, is being co-sponsored by the Georgia GOP and the Ohio Republican Party.  It is the last debate before Super Tuesday.

A debate is already set for next Wednesday in Arizona.

Romney’s campaign reportedly told CNN officials earlier today about their decision.  No reason was given for Romney’s decision, which comes as new polls today show him behind Rick Santorum both in Michigan and Ohio.

The Ohio numbers were especially startling, as a Rasmussen poll showed Santorum ahead of Romney by 18 points.

It wouldn’t be the first time a GOP frontrunner has skipped a debate in Georgia – it happened in 1996, when Bob Dole refused to appear with his closest pursuers in a debate hosted by WSB-TV in Atlanta.

How do I remember that one?  I was on the panel.

We Want Partisan Elections!!!

The Georgia Legislature is using “local acts” to change school boards,county judicial positions and offices of consolidated governments to nonpartisan elections. 

In the current session HB 682 (house bill #682) has been introduced to expand eligible elected offices to include:

  • Sheriff
  • Solicitor-general
  • District attorney
  • Tax commissioner, receiver, collector
  • Clerk of superior court
  • Coroner
  • Surveyor
  • County commissioner(s)

This has created two major problems.

Read at LINK:

GEORGIA HOUSE BILL 475 “Development Authorities Law” PASSED

Yesterday the Georgia House passed a Bill 132 to 28 for an Agenda 21 or big government. If you don’t like Agenda 21 you should be very concerned, because this a T-SPLOST is Agenda 21. Unless the Senate kills it, you have Agenda 21. The 28 votes were the solid good House members that actually have an education and understand how jobs and wealth are created. the 132 voting YES are the masterminds under the Gold Dome.

In sum, this Bill amends the code to allow unelected development authorities to sell Bonds for investment in public/private “projects”. These Bonds are backed by the good faith and credit of the Georgia taxpayers. This is taxation without representation, because you can’t get at these people in the development authorities at the ballot box. The title of the Bill is below.

A BILL to be entitled an Act to amend Chapter 62 of Title 36 of the O.C.G.A., the “Development Authorities Law,” so as amend the definition of the term “project” to include facilities owned by a public or private entity or a combination of the two integrated for purposes of trade, commerce, industry, or employment opportunities; to provide that such term includes highway facilities, surface transportation projects, and projects that are related to transportation; to provide for severability in the event a portion of this Act is found to be unconstitutional; to repeal conflicting laws; and for other purposes.

Roll Call Vote –

The Bill –

The reason it was done was “quote” to create jobs. I want to make a few notes to illustrate how goofy that argument is.

1. Let’s say all these development authorities sell $100M in Bonds. That means $100M in wealth and capital is removed from the economy and the taxpayers are on the hook to pay the interest and principal back. That’s $100M not available to invest in actual profit making viable businesses.

2. If the “project” collapses the taxpayers are still on the hook for the principal and interest. They will not be able to entice people to buy these Bonds unless they are backed by the guarantee of raising taxes to pay them back.

3. Jobs are created in the private sector when people sell products and services for a profit and then reinvest that profit to sell more products and services.

You’re House representative just scammed you if he voted YES. You need to call him or her and chew them out. Educate them. Then call your Senator and ask that they kill it in the Senate.

Let’s keep our eye on the ball.

It’s always hard to educate anyone to believe that there are some instances in which the Constitution, correctly read, does not yield the outcome they’d prefer. – Kevin R. C. Gutzman, JD, PhD

Bill Evelyn
State of Georgia Tea Party, LLC

Ethics Reform Is In The Realm Of The Possible — Peach Pundit

Yesterday, our state Senate passed SB 223, the Georgia Government Accountability Act, sponsored by Senators William Ligon (R-Waverly), Chip Rogers, Judson Hill, Frank Ginn, and John Albers. The act creates a Joint Legislative Sunset Advisory Committee that includes seven members of the House appointed by the Speaker of the House and seven members of the Senate Government Oversight Committee appointed by the President of the Senate. The Speaker and the President of the Senate appoint co-chairs.

The Legislative Sunset Advisory Committee will review all boards, departments, advisory committees, authorities, and other executive branch entities and establish a schedule for routinely reviewing state agencies.

Read more — follow link –



THE BREAKDOWN OF T-SPLOST (Rich County – Poor County)

Atlanta transportation investment act - penny tax for transportation

Much is being made of the T-SPLOST vote in 2012 and rightfully so. Region 1 – Northwest Georgia will most likely generate $118 million in total tax collections with 25% “Guaranteed” to be returned immediately to the counties within the region and 75% of the collections being sent directly to the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) to be used for projects on the “Constrained” list. In order to understand what is really going on, you need to look at the numbers by county.

Bartow, Whitfield, Catoosa, and Floyd are the big losers; Chattooga comes out the best. Bartow gets back 13.46%, Whitfield 15.83%, Catoosa 19.10%, and Floyd 19.22% of their total “Guaranteed” collections; Chattooga gets back 58.73%. The taxes collected in each county are re distributed to other counties and the GDOT. The vast majority of the 75% sent to the GDOT will be used on large infrastructure projects. Most of these roads and bridges are in the most developed counties. So, the vast majority of the total taxes collected will be spent in the most developed counties in your region. The poorest counties will have their taxes re distributed to the largest, most wealthy, and developed counties. This is morally wrong.

The 1% T-SPLOST tax hurts the poor, elderly, and infirm more than the special interests. A $.03 cent excise tax increase on diesel, gasoline, and aviation fuel would raise more money than the T-SPLOST and guarantee that the truckers would pay their fair share for road wear. The poor, elderly, and infirm don’t drive very much. Likewise, the dollars being spent on municipal airports will benefit a handful in your region.

All counties would be better off just voting a SPLOST 1% tax to build your own roads. T-SPLOST violates “Home Rule” of the Georgia Constitution and it will simply re distribute money from poor to rich counties. Vote NO T-SPLOST.–

The dearest ambition of a slave is not liberty but to have a slave of his own. .” — Sir Richard Francis Burton

Bill Evelyn
State of Georgia Tea Party, LLC

Georgia Governor’s “State of the State” 2012 Address

ATLANTA  —    By: Josephine Bennett

Governor Deal addresses lawmakers at the State Capitol (photo Jackie Brittain)
Governor Nathan Deal laid out his plans for the coming year in his annual State of the State address at the State Capitol. He wants to spend more money on education, transportation, security and job growth.Using a nautical allegory, Deal compared those four spending areas to stars the state should follow to chart its future course. His fiscal year 2013 budget would add $100 million for higher education. It also funds 400 new medical residencies.

Nathan Deal’s  Speech – arlhzqk1

Deal also wants to spend nearly $150 million additional dollars to fully fund enrollment growth in primary education. Under his plan, Pre-k teacher salaries, cut last year, would be restored.

“The budget I’m proposing increases the Pre-k school year for 84,000 students by 10 days, bringing it to 170 days.”

The Governor’s budget proposal needs approval by the State House and Senate.

See Link: