Burn Down the Suburbs? – Stanley Kurtz – National Review Online

The defeat of the TSPLOST was a major blow to the goals of Regionalism and you can bet the proposition will not go away quietly.
Those of you familiar with the concepts within the UN’s Agenda 21 and some recent EO’s will recognize their tie-in with this story.
Obama’s little-known plans to undermine the political and economic autonomy of America’s suburbs constitute a policy initiative similar in ambition to healthcare reform .   This is Obama’s missing link  that explains his administration’s overall policy architecture.

BEWARE:   You’ll being hearing this phrase  more in Obama campaign and in his administration “

Building One America”.   Redistributing wealth between Suburbia and Urban communities by of 
The fight for freedom will continue!!!!!!

Please read:       Burn Down the Suburbs? – Stanley Kurtz – National Review Online.