Dr. Bill Warner, who operates the website, will address the Chattanooga Tea Party’s monthly meeting this Thursday, March 15, 2012 at 6:30 p.m. Dr. Warner holds a Ph.D. in physics and math and has served as a university professor, businessman, and applied physicist. He will discuss how Islamic doctrine cannot be reconciled with Western concepts of human rights and our Constitution.

Note New Meeting Start Time at 6:30PM
Dr. Warner has studied the source texts of the major religions for decades. He founded the Center for the Study of Political Islam (CSPI) and is its director. He has produced a dozen books, including a Koran, a biography of Mohammed and a summary of the political traditions of Mohammed. He also developed the first self-study course on Political Islam. He has given talks nationally and internationally about Islamic political doctrine. He writes articles and produces news bulletins that record the suffering of the victims caused by Political Islam.Dr. Warner was a Member of the Technical Staff in solid-state physics at the Sarnoff Princeton Laboratories in the area of integrated circuit structures. During the energy crisis of the late 1970’s he founded and ran a company that specialized in energy efficient homes. For eight years he was a professor at Tennessee State University in the Engineering School.The meeting will take place at the Century Club Banquet Hall, 3221 Harrison Pike (off Access Road, just south of the Highway 153-Amnicola Highway intersection, next to The Lighting Gallery).   (Click here for a map)
As a reminder, please be sure to bring a non-perishable canned good item as the Chattanooga Tea Party is committed to supporting our local Chattanooga Area Food Bank.

Liberty, once lost, is lost forever!

Mark West, President

Chattanooga Tea Party