How Companies Learn Your Secrets

Antonio Bolfo/Reportage for The New York Times

  • The Obama campaign has hired a habit specialist as its “chief scientist” to figure out how to trigger new voting patterns among different constituencies.

Almost every major retailer, from grocery chains to investment banks to the U.S. Postal Service, has a “predictive analytics” department devoted to understanding not just consumers’ shopping habits but also their personal habits, to more efficiently market to them.

“We’re living through a golden age of behavioral research. It’s amazing how much we can figure out about how people think now.” Says, Eric Siegel, a consultant and the chairman of a conference called Predictive Analytics World.

We are now living in world where we are constantly being monitored, psychoanalysis, manipulated, and down right brainwashed by our government, businesses, banks, and whomever.  Scary!!!!! Scary how they can accumulate so much information and history on us without much effort.

Cathie, Editor