Georgia Department of Community Affairs – Apart of the Agenda 21 – “Fostering Sustainable Development”.

If you haven’t seen this, I think you want to become familiar with it.

Everybody pretend your name is Bill and follow the directions given, please. For those of you who don’t know, promoting sustainability is a code word for regionalization and loss of Home Rule (meaning your county or municipality would lose their governance of your principality, folks that you voted for as your elected officials to run, for you the citizens of that county/city). Instead some regional council would be who decides what the rules are that you must live by! (Hence loss of Home Rule)Bill

P.S. These groups have a head start on us, so we have to catch-up to stop them from usurping our control of our living environment.

Date: Thursday, February 23, 2012, 4:02 PM

Bill–Re earlier discussion. Go to DCA homepage at . In the main column on the Home page, the title of the fourth topic from the top is “Fostering Sustainable Development”. The first sentence begins, “DCA promotes sustainability…”
Roger Carter

Link to:  Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA) Home Page.