HUGE NEW ATTACK! House Bill Permanentizes IRS Incentives to Fund Conservation Easements

     Here we go again folks. They just don’t get it do        they?? 300 co-sponsors in order to seize more land from Americans. Please call your Representative at their DC office and tell them to vote AGAINST this bill!!! Look at the links John provides. The greenies   are just salivating waiting for this bill to get passed.

Please check the list of co-sponsors on this bill. If your Rep. is listed call them and tell them the people of your district DO NOT WANT THIS BILL TO PASS!! What is wrong with these people? The problem is the greenies are up there lobbying for this crap while we send out emails enlisting people to make phone calls. It is time we get some lobbyists to fight for our side of the battle.
If the guys listed below If your Rep. did not co-sponsor this bill call them and thank them for not sponsoring the bill and ask let them know the people DO NOT WANT THIS BILL PASSED. They all need to be reminded of the RNC Resolution and informed this is Agenda 21.
PLEASE see the attachments in the email below and get them to your REPs. Ask the aide where to send information so your Representative is sure to receive and read it. Then follow up to ensure they got your email. We don’t have much time to get this to them. How to reach your Rep. is below too.


Conservation easements are used by the government and land trusts to lock up and frequently appropriate millions of acres of private property across America. They are one of the single greatest threats to long term ownership of private property. Most landowners have little idea of the downside consequences of conservation easements.
H.R. 1964, The Conservation Easement Incentive Act of 2011, amends the IRS code to make permanent the special rule for contributions of qualified conservation contributions. This bill was originally sponsored by Rep. Jim Erlach, (R-PA) and Rep. Mike Thompson, (D-CA) in May of 2011.
Today it was announced that 300 House members are co-sponsoring this bill that promotes open spaces and conservation easements.
Please call your House Representative Monday and tell them to vote against, H.R. 1964. 7 Facts You Should Know About Conservation Easements, and The Hazards of Conservation Easements should be passed on to your representative.
Reach your representative here:
Thank you,
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