This is very pertinent as we approach the primaries and mass meetings. As more and more of the Republican base unplugs from the NEOCON matrix the more the Republican establishment protects its self interests. The entire NEOCON matrix is at risk as more-and-more of its base unplugs. Hannity, Levin, and Limbaugh are losing listeners; the Heritage Foundation is clamoring for subscribers, FOX digs in its heels, and the military industrial complex re tools. Billions were spent to plug in the base to the NEOCON matrix. The entire welfare/warfare state poured billions into the propaganda machine to plug in its base.

Its true, Ron Paul is their enemy because he is handing out red pills and crushing the blue pills under his heel. If he peels back the curtain on the NEOCON matrix enough and as more unplug the entire welfare/warfare state the NEOCONS have constructed, to reward the most wealthy in this country, it will all come crashing down. The NEOCON matrix extends into the states, the local parties, and precincts.

Imagine all the NEOCON staff writers like Bill Krystal, David Frum, and Jeffrey Lord. The think tanks and media. They will lose all credibility and their careers ended. Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum are part of it. They are in this race to keep people plugged into the NEOCON matrix. They know they can’t win, but they can distort true meaningful Ronald Reagan, Edmund Burke, Barry Goldwater, and Bill Buckley conservatism. But it won’t work … more and more young people that prefer the INTERNET over FOX and Friends or the Sean Hannity Show are unplugging. The R3volution has started and the Republican Party has some real work to re shape itself or become a relic of history like the American Whig Party. The strange thing about it, Obama is part of the same NEOCON matrix.

This is a good article.

After a strong second-place showing in the New Hampshire primary, Ron Paul stood before a young and giddy crowd of supporters. In a near giggle, he spoke of the many detractors who had called his campaign “dangerous.” Paul reveled in their fear. To cheers, he exclaimed, “We are dangerous to the stat…
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