Water Company Says It Alerted Cities It Would Stop Billing Services – 02/08/2012 – Chattanoogan.com

Tennessee American Water decided last year to exit billing service contracts by Oct. 31, 2012, and started meeting with all affected parties at that time “to provide ample opportunity for us to work with them to assure as smooth a transition as possible,” water company officials said Wednesday.

Jessica Presley, spokesperson, said, “Discussions have continued since that time, and our communications have included potential vendors that they can potentially use for these billing services in the future.

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Teddy Harris

FYI : Money Out of Your Pocket ALERT **

 Tennessee American Water Company currently bills all water customers for sewer treatment. They are paid to do this service. They are paid to bill customers of the Moccansin Bend Waste Water Treatment Plant. TAWC has the data to do this correctly. Now they don’t want to do the billing but they want to sell the data to MBWWTP. This means all customers will have to pay for the data and then pay for the billing.

The Moccasin Bend Waste Water Treatment Plant will have to start billing for sewer treatment. The cost associated with the plant doing their own billing will be passed on the the user.

MBWWTP will have to either hire and accounting dept or select a third party biller. Both will cost the customer more money. The bad guy in this situation is Tennessee American Water Company. They stop billing but still collects payment for the data. All of this costing you and me more money.


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