The Marietta Daily Journal – Rep aims to postpone TSPLOST

Phoenix Metro - a model for Cobb rail planners          State Rep. Ed Setzler (R-Acworth) and other lawmakers introduced legislation Tuesday that would postpone the Transportation Investment Act referendum for two years to address what Setzler calls “fatal flaws.” 

Setzler, who chairs the Cobb Legislative Delegation, said he and state Reps. Rich Golick (R-Smyrna) and Matt Ramsey (R-Peachtree City) have filed House Resolution 1350 and the enabling legislation, HB 938, which would: 

* Eliminate the TIA referendum set for July 31; 

TSPLOST Link go to read:     The Marietta Daily Journal – Rep aims to postpone TSPLOST.


One comment on “The Marietta Daily Journal – Rep aims to postpone TSPLOST

  1. Postpone TSPLOST! The real reason for postponing TSPLOST – there is too much backlash. Too many organizations willing to jump on board to fight against this, one is Tea Party Patriots. A couple of weeks ago, in the Rotunda of the Capitol Building Tea Party Patriots held a news conference to announce their campaign against TSLOST. Which is part of the UN’s Agenda 21 program. The tea party and others grassroots of Georgia are carrying the message out to the people – Educate yourself on Agenda 21 and TSPLOST. Say NO to “Big Government” whether at the Federal or State Level.

    Governor Deal and state legislators know they do not have the votes to pass TSLOST in July.

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