Rep. Herger is wrong about Agenda 21

Agenda 21 ignorance

Elected officials are often among those who know the least about Agenda 21. Next comes the members of local planning commisions. Frequently, these are people most likely to deny that their “2020 Vision,” or Comprehensive Land Use Plan has any connection to Agenda 21, when almost every policy included in the plan can be traced directly to Agenda 21.

California Representative Wally Herger is one of those elected officials. Judging from the article he wrote, he has never bothered to read Agenda 21, which puts him in the same league with most elected officials. See just how wrong Herger is in this issue.

Michael Oberndorf, Freedom 21’s Legislative Chairman, has some thoughts about both political parties as we face the most important election in a century.

The Freedom Movement is taking shape. Be sure to check it out.

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