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Yesterday, our state Senate passed SB 223, the Georgia Government Accountability Act, sponsored by Senators William Ligon (R-Waverly), Chip Rogers, Judson Hill, Frank Ginn, and John Albers. The act creates a Joint Legislative Sunset Advisory Committee that includes seven members of the House appointed by the Speaker of the House and seven members of the Senate Government Oversight Committee appointed by the President of the Senate. The Speaker and the President of the Senate appoint co-chairs.

The Legislative Sunset Advisory Committee will review all boards, departments, advisory committees, authorities, and other executive branch entities and establish a schedule for routinely reviewing state agencies.

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One comment on “Ethics Reform Is In The Realm Of The Possible — Peach Pundit

  1. I want to pass this commdn “The Lafayette Underground”

    “Legislators say more laws are not needed, but rather, the public should focus on ‘Electing honest people.’ Honest people are known to succumb to temptation, and in the private sector, controls are usually instituted to help keep honest people honest. ..Georgia needs real ethics reform not because we elect those who are dishonest, but to help balance the temptations offered by the rich and powerful with the needs of those who are not but have every right for their interests to be represented. In short, good ethics laws help keep the honest honest.”

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