THE BREAKDOWN OF T-SPLOST (Rich County – Poor County)

Atlanta transportation investment act - penny tax for transportation

Much is being made of the T-SPLOST vote in 2012 and rightfully so. Region 1 – Northwest Georgia will most likely generate $118 million in total tax collections with 25% “Guaranteed” to be returned immediately to the counties within the region and 75% of the collections being sent directly to the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) to be used for projects on the “Constrained” list. In order to understand what is really going on, you need to look at the numbers by county.

Bartow, Whitfield, Catoosa, and Floyd are the big losers; Chattooga comes out the best. Bartow gets back 13.46%, Whitfield 15.83%, Catoosa 19.10%, and Floyd 19.22% of their total “Guaranteed” collections; Chattooga gets back 58.73%. The taxes collected in each county are re distributed to other counties and the GDOT. The vast majority of the 75% sent to the GDOT will be used on large infrastructure projects. Most of these roads and bridges are in the most developed counties. So, the vast majority of the total taxes collected will be spent in the most developed counties in your region. The poorest counties will have their taxes re distributed to the largest, most wealthy, and developed counties. This is morally wrong.

The 1% T-SPLOST tax hurts the poor, elderly, and infirm more than the special interests. A $.03 cent excise tax increase on diesel, gasoline, and aviation fuel would raise more money than the T-SPLOST and guarantee that the truckers would pay their fair share for road wear. The poor, elderly, and infirm don’t drive very much. Likewise, the dollars being spent on municipal airports will benefit a handful in your region.

All counties would be better off just voting a SPLOST 1% tax to build your own roads. T-SPLOST violates “Home Rule” of the Georgia Constitution and it will simply re distribute money from poor to rich counties. Vote NO T-SPLOST.–

The dearest ambition of a slave is not liberty but to have a slave of his own. .” — Sir Richard Francis Burton

Bill Evelyn
State of Georgia Tea Party, LLC